AgSafe Aquatic Tabs

  25 AgSafe Aquatic Tabs, Water Lily And Pond Plant Food Tablets, $7.99. Our most popular size package for pond owners. Next day shipping $3.00 for up to 2 packs. Click Here to visit the online store and order a supply today.

  America's #1 Time Release Aquatic Fertilizer Tablets, Premium Quality.

  The most widely used pond plant food tablet to feed water lilies and all types of flowering pond plants. Unlike other pond tablets that feed for only two weeks, AgSafe Aquatic Tabs provide initial quick release nutrients and consistent time release nutrients to insure proper growth and longer lasting blooms for 30-45 days during growing season.

  A special 10-20-10 fertilizer formulation contains micronutrients, humus, organics, sea kelp extracts, 76 trace minerals, natural plant growth hormones & vitamins, and mycorrhizae. CopperFree Tablets that are Fish and Aquatic Life Safe. NO Free Nitrates or Free Phosphates that cause algae blooms.

  Recommended Application: Insert 2 Aquatic-Tabs® into soil about 3-4 inches deep and about 3-4 inches from plant tuber every 30-45 days during growing season. It's that Simple!. Apply 2 tablets per gallon size plant. No other fertilizer is necessary.

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