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 I just sent Tom an E-mail about this problem and then noticed he has forums now so I will post it here incase someone else has this problem in the future. Two days in a row I had white fluffy fungus like stuff grow all over a shrimp wafer I dropped in to feed my cherry shrimp. I had divided the shrimp that I got about a month ago between two 20 gallon tubs. I recently scored some large tanks for cheap from craigslist and combined both tubs population into one 29 gallon tank there is maybe 28 or so shrimps in it. The tanks originally had ball pythons in them but I used plenty of elbow grease and bleach so I hope it isnt something left from snake enviroment. Another possibilty now that I think of it is the tank has a yeast infection.... I am attempting to grow baby brine shrimp (BS) to adult size for my Wakin fry and use bakers yeast as food for them. It is possible that some water from the BS tank dripped into the cherry shrimp tank. The BS tank has white stuff growing on the sides that I assume is yeast and I use blenderized shrimp wafers mixed with boiled egg yoke that has been baked dry and then re-blenderized for BS food also. So maybe the yeast in the BS tank uses the shrimp wafer for food. So if some was dripped into the cherry shrimp tank it may start to eat it and multiply into a white fungus like mess surrounding what is left of the wafer.


I had to leave town the 2nd day this happened but will be home friday. My plan now is to fill up a bunch of containers with tap water friday evening, remove the chlorine and let the water temp stabilize over night. Saturday morning I will do multiple 75% water changes and then drop a wafer in and see what happens sunday morning.


  Sorry for the long rambeling post. This is what happens after a couple budlights and I'm in a hotel room away from my family :)


 I bet the cure will be I need to add some chemical to clear the fungus and my mutant strain of bakers yeast that loves shrimp wafers theory will be disproved LOL. 






I have gone to find myself, If I should return before I get back, keep me here!

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