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 I just found your site via craigslist and have been crawling all over it today.  I love it !  So much info and presented in a fun way.  Thanks for entertaining me this lazy day.  My only pond right now is a recycled hot tub meant to look like Italian marble, parked in my front yard.   It is home to about 20 cheap petshop feeder fish that thrived in this large place and have grown into a school of goldies and shubunkin that are fun to watch.   Three are almost big enough for a good sandwich; not bad for a few clearance -sale shubunkins and 25 cent comets.     We tossed in a pleco to feast on the algae last year and it grew to 16 inches.  We must do something right.  Reading your pages inspires me to try some new ventures.  Thanks  


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