Digital Thermometer For Aquariums

Actual Size Shown. Available at the online shrimp store.

  $7.99 with Free Shipping. You can conserve the battery by turning it off when not in use, just hold the power button in for 5 seconds to turn off. I'm not sure if I am going to stock these so this might be your only chance. As always, a 30 day money back guarentee. If you are not satisfied just return for a full refund.

        1. Brand new digital thermometer for aquariums
        2. High quality suction base, easy to install
        3. Compact design for discrete use
        4. Temperature Range: -50°C ~ +70°C
        5. Usage Temperature: -10°C ~ +50°C
        6. Switch for Celsius & Fahrenheit
        7. Power: 1 X LR44 button battery, included
        8. LCD size: 2.5 X 1.2 cm

 Only the probe is to be placed under water. The readout is fastened to the outside of the tank, never submerge it. Can be switched from Fahrenheit to Celsius with the switch on the front panel. The battery can be replaced by carefully removing the end cover.

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