DIY Pond Projects

   I have so many Do It Yourself project pages that I think it will be better for everyone, especially me if I list them all here at 1 Page. Just click the link that you are interested in. Check back often for more pond and landscaping projects that you can do yourself. Click any of the links below to go directly to the project you're interested in.

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Rock And Cactus Garden DIY. A cool cactus garden that adds a lot of contrast to a pond area. Concrete stone raised border and faux boulders. Very nice addition to your yard.

Cherry Shrimp Farming. Everything you'll need to know to get started in this easy to run home business.

Water Lily Farming. If you have some space in your yard this is a great way to earn an easy income.

Water Garden, No Dig! A quality above ground water garden that will be easy to build and enjoy.

Concrete Pond DIY. Build a quality concrete pond that will last many years with little or no upkeep other than cleaning the filter.

Above Ground Landscaping Timber Pond Build. A quality pond and filter that will give you many years of pleasure.

Easy Clean Pond Filter. A quality, easy to clean filter that can be adapted to any pond. This filter will handle a large amount of fish, I use it on my 7000 gallon ponds that has way to many large koi. Spend less time cleaning your filter and enjoy your pond more.

DIY Filter. A small filter that is very easy to build. Perfect for ponds up to 1000 gallons. This filter should take no more than a couple hours to build, you'll only need a drill and pair of snipe. Any type container of your choice.

Faux Boulders DIY. Easy to make concrete boulders, any size any shape, great for around your pond or an accent for you yard.

Stepping Stones DIY. These are great for your pathway or around your pond. Very easy to make and no forms are used. You can't go wrong with these. From stepping stones to faux flagstone. One of the easiest project listed.

Floating Lotus Pond Planter DIY. These are an easy way to add a super lotus plant to your pond and best of all your large koi cannot get to the plant or dirt and make a mess.

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