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  Floating pellets, I go through a fresh delivery in less than two weeks here so it's always fresh and I can pass the savings on, keep me in mind when you need quality koi food. This is the same high quality, high protein food I feed my koi and the ones for sale, not a cheap filler product. Fish base, USA made and the best I have come across in 15 years at an affordable price. FREE FOOD later down the page. Don't just stick to one food, your koi will benifit from a mixed diet, give them some veggies, fruit and live food from time to time and they will be healthy and happy. 

  Super High Protein 45%! A high quality fish base food with no animal by products. 2mm floating pellets, about 1/8" for smaller koi, wakin and goldies to 15", 5.5 mm 1/4" for the big guys. A 4 pound bag for just $15, that's $3.75 a pound, best deal anywhere. If your interest is in growing large healthy fish in the least amount of time, this is the food for your Koi. I use this high protein year round, keeps them healthy in our hot weather and gives the fastest growth rate to the fish.

  I now am shipping this high protein feed, 8 pounds for only $45 total including shipping. Visit the On Line Store to order.

  Due to request I also have 1 pound bags of the 1/8" for $5, pick up only.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein.....Min. 45.0%

 Crude Fat.........Min. 16.0%

Crude Fiber.......Max. 3.0%

 Phosphorus........Min. 1.20%

Sodium......Max. 2.0%

Ash........Max. 12.0%

Vitamin A (minimum).......10,000 IU/kg.

Vitamin D (minimum)........2,000 IU/kg.

Vitamin E (minimum)........250 IU/kg.

Made in USA. No Ruminant Meat, No Steroids and Bone Meal Free! 

  Live Shrimp. I now have an established group of fresh water red cherry shrimp that I use to promote the spawn in the wakin, koi eat these like candy. It would be rather expensive to buy these just as a food every time you need them, but you can start with a group in a container of any kind and it won't take long before they are reproducing and you'll have a constant supply of live food. I floated some duck weed and have done nothing else for them and they are breeding and healthy, I think the little monster even eat the mosquitoes. These only get an inch long or so, but are very easy to keep and breed 10+ of the young for only $15 when available, they will start to breed in 2 months or less. These sell in the pet stores for $3 - $4 each. I stock most of the supplies you'll need at the Online Shrimp Store.


   Spirulina Powder, 68% protein, which is a blue green algae supplement and used as food for new hatch fry, $4.50 for 1 full ounce, enough for a couple hundred fry to the next size food. I order spirulina by the kilo, so if you need a larger amount let me know, I'm sure I have it much cheaper than the health food store, same top quality, I add it to all my fish foods. I highly recommend this in new water for new hatched fry. Feed fry very small amounts 3 times a day. A very fine powder, you may want to put this into a pepper shaker with a couple grains of rice (keeps the moisture out) to deal with it easier when feeding. A very high protein natural food and fry go for it. After the hatch it is very important to get food to the fry that they will take, a new fry will starve in just one day without food. Fry will out grow this in about 3 weeks. This is the only food I use for the hatches here and I seldom lose a new fry, actually it has cut my loss to almost zero. Small fry are very fragile and can be a problem keeping alive without a very good food source they will except. It also doesn't cause the water problems that egg yoke or other foods do, bad water with the fry and it's all over in one day. Egg yoke IMO is a ticking bomb.

  Fry starter food. A very high protein food with algae added, this is made fresh here each week. This is the size food to use once the fry are large enough to take regular food but to small for pellets, about 3 weeks old. 1 oz pack for $3, more than enough to grow out a large number of fry to the next size food. They grow out of this size food very fast so you don't want to over stock it. All quality live fish stores sell fry food, fry will starve in just 1 day without food. Fry food is a grind and will cloud your water but they out grow it very fast.


  Sodium thiosulfate crystals can be mixed with water to make chlorine remover. To do this, take 4 ounces of the sodium thiosulfate crystals and mix them into one gallon of water (the cleaner the better). Use one drop of this mixture per gallon of water you wish to dechlorinate. Always add this to your pond before adding water. 1 gallon of this mixture will treat 60,000 gallons. Four 1 oz packs will make four 1 quart bottles of concentrate. Used in commercial fish farms and by koi breeders. ¼ pound just $9.99, FREE USPS First Class Next Day Shipping. Click Here for more information.

  High ph can be lowered by using just plain vinigar, just add small amounts each day until you get the ph to the desired range, about 7.5 is good.

  Sodium thiosulfate is not a medication and should not be used as a substitute for any medication.

  It's also good to add calcium to your water, I use and stock 500mg oyster shell calucium tables just $3 for 20. Usew 1 every other week for each 20 gallons of water in your hatch and grow tanks. Snails will get crazy with it if they can get to it, but it takes even them a long time to gobble it up.

FREE KOI FOOD or almost free.

  Did you know that you can cut back on the protein in the cooler month. BUT WHY WOULD YOU? In our zone, the fish don't really slow down as they do in northern zones, and they don't have a dormant growth period (that's why we can grow monsters in 3 years), but they do slow down some. We all want our best fish to grow as large as possible, but not with excessive fat. I still feed the high protein foods in our cooler months, but I supplement the diet with duckweed, veggies and toasted oats year round. Actually the oats are cheerios, wait til you figure the per pound on them, it's like buying steak. In any case they really like'em and the box looks real big for a couple bucks. Buy a couple boxes when they're on sale, you can eat'em, too. Cheerios are a good thing to put out when you have visitors, they can feed your fish all day without trashing the water, no oils, no fats. By the way, if you experience a spring algae bloom, just stop with the high protein koi food and feed them cheerios for about a week and your water will clear up. Actually you could just stop feeding the koi completely for a week and accomplish the same thing but I enjoy feeding mine.

  A few years back when money was tight I fed my large koi dry cat food, it was really kitten chow because that's a higher protein, but there are some draw backs. First of all it's loaded with fats and oils, you can see the film develop on the surface of the water, you'll see the same thing happen if you use the catfish chow from the garden feed stores. It's not a good idea to feed koi cheap catfish chows, they are made up of poor proteins and will fatten you koi rather than growing them out. Catfish chow (mostly chicken fat) also tends to make the koi's colors fade. I have recently read that most farm fish food contains steroids, this led me to investigate the effect of steroids in long term feeding. It's not good news, long term feeding will lead to bone deformities and even worse when they are removed from the steroids they will have a loss of color, will show weight loss effects and can develop internal organ problems from long term use. I for one would give real thought to using catfish food or for that matter any feed that contains steroids. Read the package of any farm fish food before you try to save a little money. You are not fattening your prized koi up for slaughter. Take care of you pets, they deserve good care and food. I know that koi food is expensive, but who ever told you a pond with koi is a cheap hobby, we are the elite. Stay out of the pet stores, buy quality food in larger packages and the cost can be within reason. I only sell and use foods made in the USA. 

  I'm sure they can survive on on dry cat food if your filters can handle it, but your water will get trashed and you can bet on very green water, fish like the green water, but you can't see them, I'm sure they like that too. So do what you have to if times are lean, but expect to pay a price in pond enjoyment and fish health. I don't know first hand what the long term effects would be but if you have to use any of these foods for whatever reason be sure to add veggies and some live food every week.

  Plants are an excellent way to supplement your fish diet and they really like it. They can be free if you start a small water garden just for feed plants, some even have very nice blooms.

   I'm offering the floating food plants in a combo package, 2 kinds of duckweed and some unknown that just showed up. Start this in a separate container and you'll have fresh live food from now on. It won't make it in your pond, the fish will finish it off in 1 day. A very natural food for koi and goldies. All these are very fast growing plants, and require very little care. Most are invasive without fish so don't grow them in your water lily pond.

   If you would like to start a small container water garden just for floating food plants for your fish, you can pick up a bag containing the above plants for just $5. I don't know which will try to take over, but the solution is to just feed the extra to the fish.

  They will also benefit from fresh or frozen veggies and fruits, love watermelon, if lettuce is on sale snap up a couple heads. My big guys go crazy for thawed frozen peas, perhaps the cheapest koi food. Try other greens also, but take it easy at first to see if they eat it. Veggies for the most part will sink, and you don't want a lot of uneaten plant matter on your pond bottom (get snails). I've found very little they won't eat but they like some things a lot better. I get a little crazy once in a while and feed them people food, like canned fish, and cheese. Another real treat is canned small shrimp, but this can run up a nice bill also.

  In the tanks where they first hatch I have problems with tadpoles, koi fry are so small for the first week that even a small tadpole will gobble them up, actually when fry first hatched all you can see are their eyes, very small black dots. So it's a constant chase to get the tadpole out, but if they are frog tadpole and not toad, your larger fish will make short order of them. If you see tadpoles swimming with your koi you can bet they are toads, no body eats toads, not even a koi.

  Have any questions, email me at tadege@bellsouth.net .

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Dwarf Shrimp Wafers .

  Shrimp Wafers with spirulina algae and calcium.

  These algae discs are the perfect staple for bottom feeding algae eaters and a great addition to the diet of any herbivore or grazing omnivore. Veggie wafers contain spirulina algae as there #1 ingredient as well as the highest most diverse vegetable content on the market.
  MAIN INGREDIENTS: Spirulina Powder, Alfalfa Meal, Soy Flour, Wheat Flour, Wheat Gluten, Wheat Germ, Brown Rice Flour, Wheat Starch, Spinach Powder, Carrot Powder, Stabilized Fish Oil, Brewers Dried Yeast, Dry Lecithin, Monocalcium Phosphate, Zucchini Flakes. With other added vitamins and minerals.
GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Min. Protein 33%, Min. Fat 6%, Max. Fiber 6%, Max. Moisture 10%, Max. Ash 9%.
  Available at the online shrimp store.

Bio Balls

  You'll get real tired of cleaning the lava rocks in your DIY filter, they clog up very fast, get rid of that problem with bio balls, I only clean my drop in filters once a month or less. These are 1.5" floating pin type bio balls. $20 per 100 = about 1 gallon. I only have 10 bags left, when these are gone, that's it, my source has dried up. Get them while they're cheap. Check prices anywhere. Check out the Do It Yourself filter build, they work great, very inexpensive and easy to build. http://www.tadege.com/diyfilter.htm One last thing, if you let your filter dry out for some time you'll want to clean the bio balls you have very good, just toss them in the washing machine with a cup of bleach, no soap and cycle them through, maybe run a rinse cycle a second time.

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