Kordon Breather Bags


Kordon ® Breathing Bags™ represent a new approach to the problems of shipping live fishes and other aquatic animals and aquatic plants, including over long distances or for extended time periods. The product development staff at Kordon, teamed with plastics chemical engineers, have taken a technology first developed in space/military research and refined it to produce the bags being offered today. The Breathing Bags allow the transfer of simple and complex gas molecules through the plastic wall of the bag -- carbon dioxide and oxygen in particular, as well as other gases - providing a true "breathing" bag in place of a "barrier" bag as is used in plastic polyethylene bags. As long as there is a breathable atmosphere outside the Breathing Bag, the animals inside will not run out of oxygen. Carbon dioxide exits the bags at 4 times the rate oxygen enters the bags, thereby constantly purging the water of toxic carbon dioxide, and allowing oxygen to replace it in the water. Kordon has shipped around the world millions of bags (termed "Sachets") of living foods (tubifex worms, brine shrimp, daphnia, glass worms, etc.) for aquarium fishes using the Breathing Bag technology, and hundreds of thousands of Breathing Bags have been used successfully to ship shrimp, fishes, coral reef animals, and aquatic plants.

  I have used thousands and never had a leak, I think it is a waste of time to try any of that double bags stuff. I use insulated boxes and never use a heat pack, cool pack or bag buddies any more and ship all year.  You can find out more in the Shrimp Farming Page. Yep. I really do work on my kitchen table, lol.

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