These are the sites I use and where I order supplies from, just click on the site name. If you come across a really good site that is pond related let me know and I'll consider it for a link on this page. If you're building a website and online business be sure to go to the last part of this page for some great business links, I use all that are listed and find them priceless for every day business.




  Lots of great information here. Also some unique and hard to find fancy goldfish. Even with the trip from Hawaii and taking 2 days, the fish are in great shape. As low as $15 shipping. Lots to look at. Steve Hopkins has more first hand experance with goldfish than anyone else I have come across and he has no problem sharing his knowledge with others. Lots to learn at this site.

Kokos Goldfish

  Another good site for the goldie keepers. Lots of easy to understand information, pictures and health care. I go here a lot just to look around. Doesn't look to be updated often, but good information is timeless. If you sign in here, try to give a plug on their local supply page.

Fish Diseases and Cures

  This is a very usefull site if your fish are having problems. Very indepth and you can contact them for problem solving. Be forwarned, this site is huge and you can spend a large amount of time reading about almost anything related to fish, both salt water and fresh.

Pond Water Chemistry

 I get a lot of questions about water quality. This links is a good starting place to understanding the conditions you need to meet to have quality water and keep your fish pond healthy.. uml

Snails And Care


  The very best site on snails and care. Easy to understand with lots of pictures. You will find your answers here. Also a lot of good links.

Shrimp Care

Super Shrimp Page

  If you are really into shrimp take a look at this site. The most information I have found at anyone place. They also have a lot of differant shrimp for sale, some I have seen offered no where else, although a little pricey for me. If you are new to shrimp don't let this site freak you out, when I got my first 6 red cherry shrimp I knew nothing and just let them go in a lily pond and they thrived, there are now thousands. Hey, I would be interested in trading a few red cherries with you to add diversity to the genetic if you would, just bring some with you when you visit Tadege land.


  A well know hobby auction site. Most things are offered with the hobby person in mind, a pleasant brake from that mad house Ebay. Usually paypal, but all auctions are kind of on their own. Free to sell. I sell there as pickup only, user name tadege.

 Water Gardens

Waer Garden International

  If you are past the stage of just picking up a couple water plants for your water garden and are getting serious, this site is for you. Information from world class water gardners, gathered from all parts of the world is posted here. It's free to join the WGI. Even without signing up there is some really indepth information posted, I spend hours reading about propagation and growth of water plants here. Don't be put off about signing up, this is a pro site and you will not be blasted with emails or spam. They have nothing to sell and are just sharing information between the top growers in the field of water gardens, a surprising number of them in Florida so it's a double win for us. Actually as a member there are sometimes plants and seeds offered just for the postage. Remember this link even if you are not interested at this time, when the serious bug bites you'll want to visit this often. A+


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