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  It was a must for me to build a web site with all the junk I sell on the weekends, but for the shrimp at auctions or Craigs and shipping it's an extra, take your time building it and it will be a real plus to your business and income.


  I found a great place online that let's you build and host your own website for free. You can sign up for a FREE account, Click Here. This is where my site was made, published and is updated every week.

  Like everything else it takes some time to learn, but it's not hard or expensive, no codes to learn, and if you can upload pictures you can make a site like mine, I still type with 4 fingers (I still use a dial up ISP). Most of you already probably blog or twitter or something, not much different. Please don't email me with questions when you start building your website, just follow the instructions at the site, it will become very easy in a short time.

  What I do want to touch on is somethings that I didn't know when I started. First of all you'll need a name for your site and business, keep it all the same. I got lucky with my name, "Tadege", TDG was a gold fish I had a long time ago, the tadege stood for "T = The" "D = Damn" "G = Goldfish", that's how the name came about. Of coarse when I tried to use "TDG" for my site name it had already been taken, it's getting harder and harder to find a name this not already taken, so I just tried different combination until I found one that was available.

  The reason this worked out well for me is that it's easy to remember and easy for others to type in. Don't make the mistake of using something like "" Nobody is going to type in a long name and even if they try they will forget about it if they make a mistake. Try to keep the name down to 6 or 7 letters, even if it doesn't describe you site it will be easy for customers. I see huge long names that look great but if there isn't a link to click, I pass it by.

  Not only makes it easy, web crawlers find it easier, web crawlers are what search engine use to seek out to list your site in a search. The less letters in the name the closer you'll be to the first page. Did I pay to be listed on the first when you type tadege into a search, nope, it just came up that way, I got very lucky. I'm always on the first page, most of the time first spot.

  You'll learn about meta tags and things as you go along, these are very important to the web crawler when people search for certain items by name so don't leave that part out of you site build, a great looking site is fine, but if no one can find it, it's worthless. All this will be covered where you build your site.

  Also be sure to register with the search engines, Google is a good place to start, it's free and will take about a week before your site starts showing up on a search. Google is the only one I concern myself with and other web crawler from other search engine have picked up my site from there. All the search engines are going to try and have you upgrade for a cost, I don't know if it makes a difference, I never paid. I have recently listed with bing also, it's the default search engine on the new IE8 browser,

  The free site builder is great, just one draw back. They will put a lot of ads on your site and try to get you to upgrade to get rid of them, the ads on my site are put there by me and when someone clicks on one of them I get paid. This is how they can afford to let you make a site for free. You can get around this and make sure no one ever can use your name. Simply upgrade the account, there are a lot of advantages to an upgraded account, your will be registered, if you leave the site unregistered anyone can register it. When you register your site you own it and no one can put an ad on it without you being paid, plus run ads yourself like the ones here and get paid for every click, adsense ads are easy to use and their payments are monthly. It won't make you rich, at least mine are not, but pays way more than the cost to register and upgrade your website.  You'll also get an online ready to use store, I make a lot of online sales, plus email accounts with So Click Here and get started for free, you'll never know how far you can go if you don't give it a try.


  You'll have time to work on this after you get the farm set up, just keep it in mind, people will be impressed that you made your own web site and have you seen the crazy prices people want to do it for you. Just don't tell them how easy it was, actually I tell everyone, I guess most are just to lazy.

  If you got this far, Click Here to visit my home page, hours and address, stop by and take a look, lots to see here, lily ponds, koi ponds, spawning tanks, grow tanks and display tanks, mostly fish but you'll also see the red cherry shrimp, in the business they are called RCS.  Did I remember to tell you that I run this all out of my back yard? Take care and enjoy, Tom at Tadege Koi & Water Gardens.

  All our information is free for anyone to use. You are welcome to copy and print this information for future reference but not for resale. If you enjoyed the Shrimp Farming page or pond and filter builds here at our site you may want to help keep the information on new project coming with a small donation. All information is always free at but it does take considerable time and expense to list it. You are always welcome to watch for new DIY projects for free. Thanks and enjoy, Tom at Tadege Koi


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