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Red Cherry Shrimp.

Shrimp sale are on hold. please check back.


I'll need a days notice before you pick them up

$29.99 for 30+ mixed sizes and sex. From juvies to adults.


USPS Priority $12 for 30. Insulated box/breather bag/plant.

Berried Female Red Cherry Shrimp, each will usually have 25 or so eggs, they will hatch within 2 weeks. Not always available, email with number wanted.

Berried shrimp sale are on hold. please check back.













I only sell 50 of these per week, so order early to be sure there are any left. I run out almost every week.

You agree to take the risk of the eggs hatching while in transit.

$5.99 each, young berried females. Order 3 or more and I'll include a free adult male. Understand that you take a risk that the eggs may hatch in transit, No guarentee that the bag won't be full of new hatched when it arrives.. If you are willing to take the risk, order. I ship live on  Monday.


$12 priority shipping, No more than 10 to a package. Insulated box, breather bag with a small plant for their comfort.

Large Mature Female Red Cherry Shrimp. These are breeding size and some may already be saddled. Free male with every 5 orded.

Mature Shrimp sale are on hold. Pease check back.















Same as above but not berried.

I'll need a days notice if you pick them up.

$3 each. I'll do my best to find saddled ones, but they all will be berried within 6 -8 weeks. LF/RCSUSPS Priority $12, no more than 20 to a bag. Insulated box/breather bag/plant. Cool pack if needed.

Shrimp Start Up Package. Everything But The Tank And Water. Click Here for all the info.


 You'll receive a quality quiet air pump, 1 bio sponge filter, 10' of high quality silicone air line, 1/4 pound of high protein pellets, 1 package of calcium tablets,  Click Here for all the information and all the pictures.

 This package is available without shrimp, lower price.

 Special Price of $44.99 with Free Shipping. A hard to beat deal. No shrimp included.

 SSUPShipping is included. USPS Priority.

Kordon Breather Bags. 5X8 inch, the perfect size to ship up to 30 red cherry shrimp. All I ever use. 10 bags.

Click here for more info.

$7.99 with free  First Class Shipping. KBB Free Shipping!

Shrimp Sponge Filter. A must for raising shrimp. The sponge bio filter keep the fry from being sucked into the filter. Compact and fits into a small tanks easily. The best filter I have found for shrimp. Just add an air line.

  Easy cleaning. Click Here for more information.

$6.99 each. Replacement sponges 2 for $4.50. All parts are available for pick up, no waiting for shipping.

Special Breeders Deal. 5 complete filter for just $29.99, FREE Shipping.


1 unit can be shipped USPS first class for $3. Additional units up to 5 total are $1 each extra shipping.

10 or more fiters are shipped for $1 each.l

New! Digital thermometer for aquariums.

Click Here for more information.

$7.99 with free shipping. Includes the battery. D/T

Free First Class Next Day Shipping.

Why get vinyl airline tubing when you can get silicone tubing that won't turn hard overtime!1/4" Standard Airline Tubing Size. 25 Feet of silicone airline tubing.

25 Feet of of silicone Airline Tubing, $4.99


Shipped first class mail  D/C $3.00

 Air Control Valve.  Excellent for controlling the air in your aquarium. These are plastic and are non-corrosive. Standard airline size. The best I have come across, fine tune your air supply to air stones, filters and accessories.


 $1.25 each or 5 for $5. CV 

Shipping is $1.75 for up to 5. Shipped the next day after payment is received. Can combine with other items to save on shipping.

Air Check Valve. This is a must to prevent damage to your air pump and other equipment in case of a pump or power failure. 

$1.25 each, 5 for $5 ACV

Shipping is $1.75 for up to 5. Shipped the next day after payment is received. Can combine with other items to save on shipping.

Fusion 200 Air Pump amazingly quiet, Perfect for a shrimp tank, 1.5 watts. New in box.


Rated for up to 30 gallons with single outlet. Will run 2 air devices.


 P-1 $6.00 USPS.

High 50% Protein Pellets.

These 1/8" sinking pellets are the perfect staple for bottom feeding algae eaters or shrimp and a great addition to the diet of any herbivore or grazing omnivore. High protein with  diverse vegetable and meat content. What I use here to promote growth and breeding for shrimp and crays.


1/4 pound $7.99 Free Shipping.


Free Shipping!
 Oyster Shell Calcium Tablets for the snails and shrimp. 500 mg each. Add one each week. Won't cloud the water and fast dissolving.

These very in color between orders from an off white to a pale green, they are all the same.

 Item #123 C/T 

20 tablets for $3.

100 for $10.

  Shipped first class mail in padded envelope $2.25 for up to 3 packs. Shipping is $5.00 for 100+.
Spirulina Algae.  This is a very fine powder that I find excellent  for the new hatched shrimp especially in a tank that doesn't get enough light to support algae growth. Just a match head every couple days for hundreds of shrimp fry.


1 full ounce, zip bag for $5.99.

1/4 pound $11.99.

1 pound  $24.99.

Full factory sealed kilo, 2.2 pounds  $35.99


Free First Class Shipping. Shipped the next day after payment.

Chlorine remover, Sodium Thiosulfate. A very inexpensive and a sure way to make your water safe for fish.


Click Here for all the information.

1 oz pack to mix one 1 quart bottle of concentrate. $3.69. Larger amounts available at the main store, Click Here.Item #ST1

USPS First Class Shipping. $1.75

FREE USPS  Shipping when combined with any other dry goods order.

2X3" Zip Lock Bags. 100

These are just the right size for making cool packs for small order like shrimp and also for small amounts of fry food, algae or brine eggs.


 $3.00 per hundred. 2X3 Bags.

Shipped first class in a padded envelope $2.25 for up to 3 packs. Can be combined with other non shrimp orders to save on shipping.

Guppy Grass. This is what I use to ship with all shrimp orders. They do nibble on it but it grows to fast even in low light for them to damage it.



A full Cup for $5. If you have shrimp shipped or pick some up here you get a small amount in the bag, enough to start it. GG/C Shipped USPS priority for $6 for up to 2 cups. Can be combined with other non shrimp orders to save on shipping.


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