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Item #


Fusion Model 200 Air Pump.

Small but very powerful Over comes the pressure of 4.5 foot water column Will out perform all major brand small air pumps Up to 30 gallon Size: 3¾" (L) x 2" (W) x 1¾" (H)


 Item #P-1 $9.99USPS shipping $5.75. Can be combined with other items to save on shipping.

New! Digital thermometer for aquariums.

Click Here for more information.

   D/T $7.99 with free shipping. Includes the battery.

Free First Class Next Day Shipping.


Oyster Shell Calcium Tablets for the snails and shrimp. 500 mg each. Add one each week. Won't cloud the water and fast dissolving.

These very in color between orders from an off white to a pale green, they are all the same.

 Item #123 C/T 

20 tablets for $3.

100 for $10.

 Shipped first class mail in padded envelope $2.25 for up to 3 packs. Shipping is $5.00 for 100+.

Chlorine remover, Sodium Thiosulfate. A very inexpensive and a sure way to make your water safe for fish. 1/4 lb is enough to treat 60,000 gallons.


Click Here for all the information.

Item #ST 

1/4 pound packaged in 1 oz packs to mix four 1 quart bottles of concentrate. $6.99

1 pound bag bulk $19.99

1/4 lb FREE USPS First Class Shipping.

1 Pound bag FREE USPS Priority.

Red Cherry Shrimp. These are fresh water, very easy to raise and breed.  Mixed sizes and sex.

 Shrimp sales are on hold. please check back.












Click Here for more information and pictures. Cool pets for indoor tanks. Very good link Click here.

Item #104 RCS30+ mixed sizes for $29.99. Even the smallest will be ready to spawn in a couple months.

USPS Priority shipping with D/C for up to 30 is $12.

High Protein Shrimp Wafers.

These algae discs are the perfect staple for bottom feeding algae eaters and a great addition to the diet of any herbivore or grazing omnivore. High protein well as diverse vegetable and meat content. What I use here to promote growth and breeding for shrimp and crays.

Click Here for more information.

Item SW 

1/4 pound $6.99, Free Shipping.

1 pound $16.99, packaged 1 lb bulk.

Free shipping!

  Pot Luck Tropical Water Lilies, mixed colors. Starter plants, bare root, with pads, will bloom the first season. Pads will be 2" to 4". These are to young to have tubers, you'll get many seasons of growth from these plant.

Sold Out. Please check back. The grow season here is over and there will only be a few smaller available.

 Item #122 P/L

$5 each, bare root plants with pads. The fertilizer tabs below are recommended.

Wholesale, 20 for $50 shipped.

Shipping is $10 for up to 6. USPS Priority. I ship live on Monday.


Koi Food. 4 lbs. 45% high protein, floating 2mm, 1/8" pellets for koi and goldfish from 3" to 10" and 5.5mm, 1/4" for koi and goldies from 6" and larger. Hard to find at any price, top quality. The best I have come across in 15 years at an affordable price. Made in the USA . Pick up price is just $15 for 4 pounds.

The only pellet food I use for koi and goldies. Fish base,  No steroids, no bone meal,  no animal by products.

Click Here for more information.

Item  #45 H/P

1-4 lb bag  $25

2-4 lb bags $45

3-4 lb bags $60

mixed size orders are welcome in multiple 4 lb packages.    Includes shipping.

Orders shipped in separate 4 lb bags for easy storage.  USPS.

1/16" 50% protein pellets for young fry, 1" to 3". These are excellent for goldies and koi and for you tilapia fish people these are the top recommended starter pellet. Fish base, sinking so everyone gets their share.

Click here for more information.

These are really small pellets. They go a long ways so don't over order. Throw out what you have left and always start with fresh for the next spawn. They say shelf life is a year but I would not save food for a year..

 1/16 H/P

1/2 pound $7.99

1 pound $16.99

2 pounds for $24.25

They are expensive but worth it.

 Free shipping.

Select Wakin Fry. These are about 1/2" with some color, after the second cull. Live arrival guarantee  Click Here. If you want these for pick up you'll have to give me a days notice so I can have them ready for you.

Click Here for more information and pictures. SOLD OUT.


Item  #101 W/F

$1.50 each, up to 15 per box.

$20 for up to 15 per box USPS Priority. Insulated box, pure oxygen and cool packs when needed.

Select Watonia Fry. These are about 1" long with some color, after the second cull. If you want to pick these up give me a days notice so I'll have them ready for you.


Click here to see the breeders.

Sold out. check back.

Item #128$2.00 each up to 10 per box. These are larger than the wakin to do the second cull.$20 for up to 10 per box USPS Priority. Insulated box, pure oxygen and cool packs when needed
Gambusia mosquito fish work well for stock ponds, ornamental ponds, golf courses, canals, creeks and lakes. They require no maintenance, as they feed on mosquitoes. Their effectiveness in mosquito control have made them one of the most distributed freshwater fish in the world.  

Item #131

10 for $5 mixed size and sex. Pick up only.

No shipping for this item. Pick up is welcome.

Sponge Filter. A must for hatching koi or goldie eggs. The sponge bio filter keep the fry from being sucked into the filter. Compact and fits into a small tanks easily. The best filter I have found for raising fry. Just add an air line.


Easy cleaning. Click Here for more information.

Item# S/F

$6.99 each. Replacement sponges 2 for $4.50. All parts are available for pick up, no waiting for shipping.

Special Breeders Deal. 5 complete filter for just $29.99, FREE Shipping.


1 unit shipped USPS first class for $3. Each additional unit up to 4 more (5 total) is $1 each more for shipping.

 Why get vinyl airline tubing when you can get silicone tubing that won't turn hard overtime! 1/4", Standard Airline Tubing Size. 25 Feet of silicone airline tubing.

Item# S/AL 

Silicone Airline Tubing, 25 feet for $4.99

Shipped first class mail  D/C $3.00

Air Control Valve. Excellent for controlling the air in your aquarium. These are plastic and are non-corrosive. Standard airline size. The best I have come across, fine tune your air supply to air stones, filters and accessories. I have yet to find a muti manifold worth anything, disappointed in them all no matter the price.


$1.25 each or 5 for $5.

Shipping is $1.75 for up to 5. Shipped the next day after payment is received. Can combine with other items to save on shipping.

Air Check Valve. This is a must to prevent damage to your air pump and other equipment in case of a pump or power failure. These should be replaced every 12 months.


Item# ACV


$1.25 each or 5 for $5.00.


First Class Shipping is $1.75 for up to 5, shipped the next day after payment. These can be combined with other items to save on shipping

Spirulina Algae. This is a very fine powder that I find excellent  for the new hatched fish fry especially in a tank that doesn't get enough light to support algae growth. Just a match head a couple times a day starting 2 days after the hatch. Use for about 1-2 weeks then on to brine shrimp eggs below.


Item #130

1 full ounce, zip bag for $5.99.

1/4 pound $11.99.

1 pound  $24.99.

Full factory sealed kilo, 2.2 pounds  $35.99

Free Shipping the next day ater payment.

DECAPSULATED BRINE  SHRIMP EGGS. Non hatching decapsulate brine shrimp eggs. Simply rehydrate the decapsulated brine shrimp eggs for a few minutes in fresh water and feed directly to your baby fish. 1/2 oz net. 14 grams. A little goes a long way. Feed till 4 weeks old and switch to fry food below.


Item #1291/2 oz. 14 grams net. $3. Shipped first class mail  D/C $2. Extra orders shipped free.

Fry food. Feed small amounts 2 - 3 times a day. Ground fresh every week, a mixture of high protein food (45%), spirulina algae, krill, fish oil, shrimp meal, vitamins, trace mineral, mixed here fresh every week. A fine grind food. 1/2 oz net. I use this as soon as a fry can take regular food but are still to small for pellets, about 3 - 4 weeks old, what I use here.

Item #113 F/F

$3 for a 1/2 ounce resealable bag. They out grow this size food very fast.

First class mail D/C. $2 up to 4 packs. Free shipping with any fry order.

Duckweed. Another floater that is sometimes used as surface shade. Be forewarned, goldfish and koi will make a fast meal of this and it's good for them, too. You may want to start a separate garden just for fish food. Very fast spreading. 


Item #109 D/W$5.99 for 1 full cup. Spreads fast but your fish will keep it controlled.$6 shipping for up to 2 cups.
Tropical Butterfly Milkweed, "Asclepias curassavica". If you want butterflies in your garden or around your pond, this is a plant you'll want. 40+ easy start seed, 2' tall.

Sold out.

Item #107 M/W

$3 for 40+ tropical milkweed seed. Fresh harvest, This is not a water plant. 

$2 first class mail d/c for up to 5 packs.

 Green Taro, a nice deep green. Bog type plant. Grows fast in sun. 

Item #116 G/T$5 per plant. Shipped bare root. Very easy to grow. Small plants shipped to avoid to much cut back. $8 shipping for up to 4. Can be combined with other items. Wait for the invoice for total.

 Dwarf papyrus. Small dense bog plant, spreads fast. Full sun or partial shade. These have to be cut back some to ship but bounce back fast.



Item #121 DP

$5 for a clump, may divide if you choose. Shipped bare root, very easy to grow.

 $8 shipping. USPS Priority. Can be combined with other plant orders to save on shipping.

You'll get real tired of cleaning the lava rocks in your DIY filter, they clog up very fast, get rid of that problem with bio balls, I only clean my drop in filters once a month. 1.5" floating pin type bio balls.


Item Bio Balls
$39.99 per 200 about 2 gallons, it takes 200  for the 5 gallon DIY filter. These will last forever.Free USPS Priority shipping. These cannot be combined with other items.



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