Removing Chlorine From Water, Sodium Thiosulfate


  As you know chlorine is harmful to aquatic life, even plants and has to be removed for your fish to survive. There are all kinds of great products on the market to remove the chlorine and I'm sure they all work great, because the majority of them contain the same ingredient, Sodium Thiosulfate. The biggest difference is the fancy package and the huge mark up on these products. You don't have to spend that large amount to get the same results, in fact you can do it surprisingly inexpensive.

  I now stock Sodium Thiosulfate, 1/4 pound, (4 ounces), will make 1 gallon of concentrated chlorine remover. Chlorine in your system can vary by location and the use of a chlorine test kit is recommended.

  Sodium Thiosulfate is harmless to fish but if over dosed it can cloud the water for a while, I always put in extra and have had no problems with it. I always recommend using a hose nozzle with a fine mist above the water when adding water to your pond, never put the hose end under the water surface.

  Now to the good part. 1/4 pound of Sodium Thiosulfate crystals divided into 1 oz pouches for easy use and storage. Each 1 oz package can be added to 1 quart of clean water to make the concentrated solution, then just 3 tablespoons of this liquid is added to your pond for each 550 gallons of new water added. For small amounts of water it is 1 drop per gallon or 1 teaspoon for 60 gallons of water.  Wash your hand after use, do as I say, not as I do. I have never had a reaction to it but some people may.

  Here is the part you've been waiting for, the price. 4 one ounce packs (1/4 pound) of Sodium Thiosulfate is just $6.99, next day First Class USPS shipping is FREE. Store the unused packs in the fridge for future use and just mix it as needed. 1 pound package bulk just $19.99, Free USPS Priority shipping.  There are not many deals left in this world but this is a good one. Any questions just email.

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