When receiving snails in shipping they will have to be treated different than when receiving fish. Snails will of been shipped wrapped in soft tissue then put in a foam cup to keep them from being ruffed up in shipping. They must be removed from the cup, unwrapped and allowed to reach room or location temperature for about 15 minutes before adding them to the water. They will probably hold up in their shell for a day or so, this is nothing to worry about, haustrum snails can survive for a number of days completely dry. They may even float when first put back in water, still no worry, I think they do this just to freak you out. In a day or so they will emerge and start looking for food, and from that point on they will be active. Be sure to have some green vegetables on hand to feed them, check my snail page for more information on their care.


  Once the shrimp arrive you will need to do a number of things to introduce the into your water. First off and very important, they were shipped in breather bags. DO NOT FLOAT THESE BAGS. You will need to transfer them into a new bag, just a zip lock will be fine, transfer water and all, close the bag and float it as you usually would for fish, in about 15 to 20 minutes, open the bag and transfer to your tank or pond and discard the water they were shipped in. Shrimp usually don’t take much time to get use to their new home and you will see them searching for food very soon. If there is no algae for them add some ground up fish food or a little lettuce. There is really no extra care you’ll have to give them. Red cherry shrimp will tolerate a large variety of water conditions, here they don’t have a filter or even an air pump, but are in a large lily display pond and do fine all year, although they don’t tend to breed in the winter temperatures even here in Florida, zone 10. I doubt that they will winter over in northern out door ponds and will have to be brought in for the winter.                      

                      Our Live Arrival Guarantee.  

  Our standard guarantee on all animals shipped is to replace 100% of any D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival) on subsequent shipments or if the shipping/packaging cost is paid by the customer. Proof of D.O.A. is required within 2 hours of the delivery in the form of High Resolution Digital Picture. Failing to pickup or sign within the same day of the first delivery/attempt, the buyer relinquishes the guarantee. Guarantee is not continuous, replacements can only be sent once. Shipping cost are NOT refundable or guaranteed in any way. Theft, damage, destruction, confiscation or other problems beyond our control are not guaranteed.

  Cash refunds are only given for items not shipped, or if replacement is not available. All deposits are to be considered non-refundable unless items are not shipped.   


  I feed both the snails and shrimp with the wafers listed at the online shrimp store. Both will need some added calcium, I use oyster shell tablets, and also list them at the online shrimp store. I buy bulk orders and can probably beat the pet stores price even with shipping, dry goods can be combined to save on shipping. Check my site for more information on their care. Enjoy, Tom at Tadege koi.

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