Shrimp Start Up Package, Everything But The Tank And Water.

  Here is an easy way to get started with your shrimp. Everything you'll need except the tank and water. Save time and money especially on shipping from a bunch of different places.

  If you know someone that might be interested in this offer send them the page, just click this button.

  I suggest that you set up your tank and let the water season when you order this package so it's ready for the new tenets when they arrive. Many people use a 5 gallon tank for shrimp but with the way they breed I would use a 10 gallon.

  Did you know that if you're ever in a pinch for tank water you can grab some clean containers and go to a store that has a water machine in front? Those are reverse osmosis machines and the water is very chemical and chlorine free, I use to ship all my live orders in this water, never a problem. I now run a separate tank and filter for shipping water, no fish, snails or plants.

  You should be able to assemble everything in this package in less than 1/2 hour. If you're going to have this in your office or some place without much room, you might visit a craft store, I sometimes see some really cool large, 3 to 5 gallon brandy snifters or other large clear vases, I think they use them to arrange flowers or maybe they just drink out of'em, lol, not cheap but would look great on a desk or mantel, lots of possibilities, try something different. Shrimp are not very picky where they live as long as they have something to climb on, that can even be just the filter, they enjoy climbing all over plants and they like a hiding place especially after they molt.

  All items are also available at the online shrimp store if you want to add some extra items, I can combine shipping to save some shipping expense. It will depend on how close I am to the next lb, the USPS Priority shipping does not count ounces and jumps to the next pound, glad they don't sell steaks, they still lose money. Karma? Yep that 1 extra oz cost is a pound, makes you want to just add some rocks so you get your moneys worth.

  I'll post each item separate with the information I have on them but here is a quick run down. You'll receive a quality quiet air pump large enough to run 2 sponge filters, 1 bio sponge filter, 10' of high quality silicone air line, 1/4 pound of shrimp wafers, 1 package of calcium tablets and all this can be shipped along with your shrimp order you'll also receive in this package to save a lot.

Pump, Filter, Wafer Food, Calcium, Air Line And Shrimp!


  Fusion model 200 Air Pump has a patented Baffle system, which is a series of chambers that are interlinked by small openings. These chambers not only absorb the sound, making the Air Pumps amazingly quiet, they also create pressure as the air is pushed through each small opening, producing a powerful air flow! Regular online store price is $9.99 and $6 shipping.

Fusion 200 air pump:
  Rated for up to 30 gallons with single outlet.

  Easy Clean Shrimp Sponge Filter. A must for raising shrimp or any fish fry. The sponge bio filter keeps the fry from being sucked into the filter. Compact and fits into a small tanks easily. The best filter I have found for shrimp. Just add an air line. Regular online store price is $6.99 plus $3 shipping. These are all I ever use for my shrimp and fry. I pull off the return top with the angle on it and just let the bubbles rise straight to the water surface. All parts are available, I have never even worn out a sponge, they are very tough. Click Here for more information. My kind of product, no moving parts!


  Why get vinyl airline tubing when you can get silicone tubing that won't turn hard overtime! 1/4" - Standard Airline Tubing Size. 10', enough to set up a second tank when the time comes. You'll never go back to the vinyl air line. Regular online store price is $2.50 or for just $2 more you can upgrade to 25', plus $3.00 shipping.


  High 50% protein 1/8" sinking pellets. What I use to promote color, growth and spawning. 1/4 pound in a zip top pouch. Regular online store price is $7.99. Check around, that alone is a super price. This will last you a long time.


  20 Calcium Tablets 500mg powdered oyster shell, fast dissolving. Add 1/2 tab per week per 20 gallons of water. Regular online store price is $3.00 plus $2.25 shipping.


  Red Cherry Shrimp. 10 plus a couple extra, mixed sizes and sex. Additional shrimp are $1 each, no more than 30 total to the package. From juvies to adult, insulated box/breather bag/ cool pack and a plant for them to hang onto to survive the postal workers, USPS Priority. I don't pack more than 30 per box to keep them safe while shipping. I'm very flexible but bigger insulated boxes will cost more. I'll even kick in some MTS snail if you let me know you want them.


  This entire shrimp start ip package for just $59.99. Save time and money and have everything you'll need including the Red Cherry Shrimp. Everything but the tank and water in one easy to set up package with FREE Shipping!. $59.99 total. Just Click Here or email me, and say "I want the Shrimp Start Up Package" and I'll send an invoice for your approval. I ship live on Monday/Tuesday. Take care and enjoy, Tom at Tadege.

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