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Earning Money From Your Website, Without Sales.

  Your web site is a great place to add some extra passive income. I'm sure there is no way that you have over looked the ads on my site. Google adsense is a very easy program to add advertisement to your pages, probably just a couple hours some evening and it will continue to pay as long as you have the ads and keep your site active. You'll receive payment every month as long as the balance is at least $100, it rolls over if you fall short and you'll get it the next month. I just have my commissions sent right to my PayPal account, but you can request a check or direct deposit into your bank.

  Click this link when you have a little free time to set it up. and look for adsense.

  The amount you make will depend on how many ads are clicked on, which is reflected by the amount of traffic your site gets, you already know the basics of getting traffic from the last update page. Traffic doesn't happen over night but it does have a snow ball effect with time, growing larger every month from word of mouth, at blogs and other sales you have made at auctions an such.

  There are also other small business like us that will trade banners with you. They place your banner on their site and you place theirs on your site. The problem with this is that if you are doing all the work and they are not getting any traffic to their site, it is foolish to continue to post for them. Start with anyone that wants to trade with you for just 1 month and just don't offer to renew if they send no traffic your way. I use a site called clicky to see where my traffic is coming from, clicky is offered where you build your web site and it's free for the basic entry. Even if your site is very new, sign up for this, you'll know when your site is mentioned on blogs or even direct mailed to someone from one of your customers. When you see traffic from a blog be sure to go there and read what they are saying about you, if it's good you will probably want to join the blog and do some posting, always include you ULR when you post anything.

  You can also sell ad space on your site to like minded businesses, but don't expect a lot of takers if you don't have a large volume of visitors every day, by the way, don't pad you visitor counter, it's very easy to check any site for actual clicks.

  Keep your site interesting with free information, it takes some time to do this but is time well spent, look over your post from time to time and update your work. I don't write my junk from a copy of my work, I just hammer it out as it comes to mind, then I go  back and clean it up so other people have some idea of what I wrote, my first copy sometimes even confuses me. I also look it over with 2 different browsers, they all don't show the same. I use explorer and Firefox and run the spell checker at both sites.

  I also ask for donations at the end of a long "Do It Yourself" page, this will not make you rich, but there are a few people that will use your work and actually send a few bucks for your time and effort, I don't ever do a follow up asking for money and have no problem with people that visit every month to see what kind of new junk I have added.

  I sometime see where people have spent 4 or 5 hours at my site to end up visiting the store and making an order. That's the next paragraph on building more product volume.

More Products For Your Store

This page will be added to as I get more products to pass on so check back every so often. 

  So you have your store up and running, but what to sell? I know you got into shrimp farming to sell shrimp but don't over look other related items. There is a whole world of profitable items to add to your store, list what you use. You'll never make the profit there is in the live shrimp, but dry items are just dropped into a padded envelope or box and out the door, doesn't get any easier. Buy your supplies in larger amounts, don't ever hesitate to ask for the break point (the amount you have to buy to get a discount on the price) or a volume discount. Look through the shrimp store and let me know if you are interested in my items at discount. I do have a $100 minimum order for discount plus shipping, but discount for volume run at about 50% off, some items I sell at almost my cost (loss leaders) and are not offered for discount. Somethings like the shrimp wafers I offer as separate purchases 3 pound for $30, but there is a $12 Priority shipping cost on 3 lbs to consider also. I can ship up to 9 pounds for $16 Priority.

  If you have products that are 13 ounces or less you can ship them first class and really keep the shipping cost low. I ship the filters and small food orders by first class. You'll need some large envelopes, I prefer the bubble wrap type, the best prices are at ebay, about 20 cents each. You can really impress your customers with lower shipping and next day shipping. First class orders can be dropped right into the blue mail boxes, no trip to the post office and I ship those items the next day, cuts down on the work on dreaded shipping Monday.

  The online post office (click and ship) won't have a first class mail section, they want you to buy an upgrade. Forget it, here is how you get around that. Even if you hate ebay, they offer all shipping classifications. So what you'll want to do if you don't want to buy a Pitney Bowes program is list your item at ebay and use first class mail shipping, this will be sent to your PayPal shipping account and it will always remain there even if you never sell another first class shipping item through ebay, you can even cancel the ebay ad but of coarse you won't get a refund on the listing fee.

  Cost for first class? For example, the filters I sell weight 4 ounces, it's $1.73 for shipping and $0.19 for destination conformation plus the label and envelope. I charge $3 to ship the item, so there is almost a buck profit in just the shipping. The best part is the fast shipping, first class is the same as Priority and you can drop it in the blue postal box the next morning as long as it weighs no more than 13 ounces and your customer will receive the package in 3 days or less, you'll get very good feed back and fast shipping makes easy selling items. They spent their money and want the junk in a hurry! Plus it's one less item to deal with when your priority orders go out.

  Don't over look plants. I know that a lot of you don't have room for the lotus or tropical water lilies, but if you look through the pages at ebay or other auctions you'll see a lot of aquarium plants for sale. Probably the best deals are at Aquabid. It may be cheaper to get them at a pet store to avoid shipping or maybe not, you'll have to look. I would think you would want to go with plants that are more tolerant of low light, but I don't know for sure, if you're farm is outside, it won't matter. Not only will they add income and products to your store, I'm sure the shrimp would like them and they would be a low start up cost since you already have the tanks. There is no better product than the product you only have to buy one time.

  Don't forget the snails. Other than food they are a no cost item after you get a breeding pair. They can be raised right with the shrimp. Don't think they are popular? Check out the snail page at Aquabid, lots of different kinds, some pull down some real nice money. I only have the 2 types, Titans, which become huge and MTS (Malaysian Trumpet Snails), which are a small trumpet snail, that just appeared here. Snail breed fast and are not to picky about food, if they are outside they  can probably live off the algae, but watch for birds and raccoons. Be careful with snails, many are illegal to send across state lines, like my Titans and I only sell to walk in and to the state of Florida. Most aquarium snails are legal, there is a great snail page on my link page if you have more interest in them. Of coarse the new snail owners will have to buy food and you just happen to stock snail wafers aka shrimp wafers and calcium tablets aka shrimp calcium, lol. I just wrap snails in wet paper towels and shove that into a styrofoam cup in an insulated box to ship them.

  I for one don't sell by drop shippers and I don't offer drop shipping, I stock every item that is in my online stores. I only sell what I actually use, so if worse comes to worse, I can always use the product myself. Start with smaller wholesale orders so you don't have a large amount of money out, you won't get the kind of mark down you would with large orders, but on the other hand you won't have 500 pounds of wafers to feed your shrimp for the next thousand years if you can't sell'em.

  It is hard to find real wholesale direct from the manufacture and will take some time to hunt them down, most wholesale ads you'll visit will just be ware houses and not a very good discount. Even the items I offer at wholesale are just inventory here but by offering a discount I can order in larger volume to keep the cost down for all of us. Some items I buy are from off shore and some are from the USA. There are also trade directories that list tons of direct dealers, but the directories are very expensive and the funny part is that they probably charge the dealers to list in them.

  Start by listing every thing you use yourself, I only had one store when I set up my site and now I'm in the process of splitting it up to separate pages, like water lilies, lotus, shrimp, ect. But as you can tell, I'd rather be adding new crap than cleaning up the old junk. One store probably is the way to start unless you have a lot of item, just lump them all into 1 store and as the number of items grows you can divide them later, it would be strange to list a lot of different store that each only have 1 or 2 items. I never put a "top of the page" link at the bottom of the store page, make them scroll back up through all the junk on their way out, they just might see another must have item. It might be advisable, although I have not done it to have separate page for placing order linked right from you store. I have no use for the crummy shopping carts that are offered free, the combined shipping never works very good and tends to charge your customer full shipping price on every item, it takes a little time if they order a lot but I like to discount the shipping on orders with a number of items I can cram into one box, don't forget those free medium flat rate boxes shipped for $10.70 to anywhere US. Everyone hates shipping cost and on a large order it doesn't matter if you don't make anything on shipping, focus on keeping a customer that places large orders.

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