Why Upgrade Your Web Site? Build a greaat Website!


  I'm sure if you are readying this you started with a free website builder just as I did. Free is good but there are some real advantages to upgrading your website. In my world real advantages = MONEY.

  Some of the upgrades will give you a website name register, this way no one can ever register your name or use it as long as you keep it active. Mine cost $20 a year to register and was bought before I upgraded the site, you can do this right at the website builder or choose a different company, I use Wild West for no other reason than that is what I started with and it's easy just to renew one time a year if you stick to the same one.

  Now to a part you may not want to hear, unless you checked to make sure the website name you are using is available it may not be. It shows up on a search because it has the free site builds name on it also. My website was going to be TDG, but needless to say that was already taken, so I just added letters until I found something that I could use. I registered mine almost as soon as I started my website to get all the ads off so I didn't have a lot of things to change when I changed names. You may want to register early to avoid problems later. Did I mention the ads will be gone as soon as you register? Also the company name of the free site builder is gone at the bottom of the page, you can add it as an affiliate and get paid when someone clicks it after you upgrade. Advertisment and a link to their own site is how the free website builders make their money before you upgrade, seems only fair. Your web site URL will also change to .com, .org or whatever you choose, I used .com because that is what most people know, and it's getting easier and easier to confuse people every day.

  The ads you see on my website are of my choosing and I get paid for them every month. You won't make a fortune right off but it does have a snow ball effect as time goes on. Below is a copy of my May earning from Google Adsense, some months have been much higher some have been lower. I have removed the readout and income from Affiliates due to active links in them, they can pay as much or more that the Google ads, this is just from the small ads you see on my site. No it's not making me rich but it more than pays for my upgrades with plenty to spare. Adsense seems to do a lot better while school is in, not to say kids are messing around looking at website while they are at school or anything. It also pulls well right after lunch, workers getting together at lunch talking about what they visited all morning while the were suppose to be working or what? Anyway below is last months adsense for me, copied right from their site. The $8.54 is for the day so far and the $229.58 is for the month. There is a lot more information on the readout but it is also filled with live links.


 Page impressions Clicks Page CTR Page eCPM [?]Estimated earnings
AdSense for Content 26,8916792.53%$8.54$229.58
AdSense for Domains - No data available -
 Queries Clicks CTR eCPM [?]Estimated earnings
AdSense for Search channels 100.00%$0.00$0.00

  It does take an evening to set this all up but from then on it's monthly earnings for something you only do 1 time, Doesn't get any better. What will effect your earnings the most is traffic to your website so post it everywhere, I know most of you found me through Craigs list. I now post 65 ads there twice a week (about 2 hours twice a week), every week, not only do I make a lot of sales, but I drive traffic to my website.

  There are also affiliate networks that you can ad for income, Did you know that when you sign up for any of the things I have on my website through a link that I supplied, I get paid, pretty cool ain't it.

  Now that I have your attention lets get back to why you should up grade your site. Not only for the registered name and added income, but you will also have some great things you don't get with the freebie, you'll get email addresses that are like your website. Tom@tadege.com is one I used for awhile. I have 5 emails at my website and although I didn't change the way my old address looked, tadege@bellsouth.net, I do have them all forwarded to my main email so I don't have to check a bunch of different places.

  You'll also get a ready to use full size online store, much easier than putting it all together yourself, although I don't have much faith in the free shopping carts either from the site builder or PayPal, they tend to over charge for shipping on multiple orders, so I would rather invoice and adjust the shipping myself, people have a pretty good idea what shipping should cost and don't like getting ripped off.

  You also get premium support when you upgrade, this can really come in handy when all else fails and you're backed against a wall, I've had to resort to this a number of times.

   You'll also get added storage and bandwidth, at the point you are at now this may not seem to important, but as your site grows the small bandwidth that comes with the freebie gets used up very fast, if I remember right the freebie comes with 5 gigs of bandwidth, that was fine for my first couple months but it's the pits to have a busy website and have it shut off because you ran out of bandwidth, videos and music use bandwidth very fast, the music on my home page is called a middie and is just a loop of music that plays over again and again and doesn't use much bandwidth, if you use a middie try to use one that everyone will know the words of the song, even if they don't sing it out load, their brain will be adding the words and won't notice that there are only 5 bars of music, really, listen to mine next time you visit my home page and you'll see what I mean. A full song with vocals would trash a lot of bandwidth. I got my music right from the site builder, it's listed under page options on each page that you build, one thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't carry to the next page as people look through you site. Music on every page can cause a problem, even if you have it set up to use the same window for the next page, some people, like me, will right mouse to open in a new window and you'll end up having 2 different songs playing at one time. Most people don't opt for music at their sites, makes people at work and students crazy to have music come pouring out of their computer when they are suppose to be working. I use 31 gigs of bandwidth at this time with just still pictures and print, this is an average of 400 visitors a day with total time spent of about 30 hours for them all per day. To tell you the truth, I can't wait until I have to buy more bandwidth, just keeps getting better and better. Traffic is money, adds sales and more.

  Not all the upgrade offer the same benefits so look them over carefully before you make your choice, I see that from my affiliate readout that most go right to the full Pro, maybe the best choice to get everything and get it over with. Even if at this time you don't want to spend the money, at the very least register the site name so it's yours from now on and the ads will be gone. This is a short update and that's about all I have to add, good luck with your website and advertising. If you have questions about your website builder and upgrades please contact the site builder, I only know what I use and even mess that up sometimes. Later, Tom at Tadege.

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