Aquarium Sponge Filter

  This is the perfect filter for a tank full of red cherry shrimp and other tropical fish breeding tanks to prevent the small young from being pulled into the filter. All you need is a small air pump for operation. It's so compact it can be used in even the littlest tanks, but don’t let the sized fool you, with the double sponge filters it will do the job for up to a 20 gallon tank, and with it’s small size you can add a second filter for larger tanks. It's also short enough to use in a low spawning trays if you are farming shrimp. I tried a lot of sponge filter from home made to top of the line and this one in my opinion has outperformed them all. Just rinse out the sponges about once a month for cleaning and that’s it. With double sponges you won’t stop the bio action when you clean them, just wait a couple days before washing the second sponge and your tank will never risk not having a bio build up in one of the sponges, with a single sponge you risk the chance of having your tank cycle again each time you clean the filter. Just $6.99 for the complete unit, long lasting replacement sponges are $4.50 for 2. Any part you may ever need are available for pick up, no waiting for deliveries in the mail.  Shipping is available at the online shrimp store, Click Here.

* New biochemical sponge filter
* Multilayer sponge principle design
* Provides biological filtration up to a 20 gallon tank
* Increases the oxygen in the water efficiently
* Noiseless running, adheres to a smooth surface with a suction cup
* Easy to clean



Package Includes:
1 Biochemical filter
2 Sponges
1 Suction Cup

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